Sunday, 18 May 2014

I do like red

Hello Lovelies

Honestly this really is bright red even if the photos say otherwise! 
Think tomato :-)

This it's my first proper crochet bag....yay...I think there will be many more to come.

The red 100% cotton yarn I bought from Lidl a few months back. The white is James C. Brett craft cotton purchased from Deramores.

I made an oval base before continuing up the sides. I just wanted something simple rather than elaborate.

I've lined it with a pretty floral fabric that I bought some time ago.

As you can see from the top image my wee constant companion thinks it rather lovely to lie on... bless!

I've been busy doing various other things too looking after a lost and exhausted racing pigeon!

It arrived 4 days ago and I've grown rather fond of her but nevertheless I am keen for her to return home.
Through studying her ring tags on her legs and a spot of googling I discovered she is from the north west of England and was able to leave a message on someone's phone in Wigan. (I live in the south west)
A very nice man called to verify the tag details and within an hour I was speaking to the owner... yay!
She is going to be couriered home to Chester in a specially set up van.

I'm calling her Priscilla in the meantime... a bit pointless really because I keep forgetting it and often referring to her as a he. Lol!

I've previously not been too fond of pigeons but this wee girl has such character how could i not fall for her :-)

Well that's it for now my lovelies,

Thank you for all the lovely messages you have been leaving;
you are so kind.

Ttfn xxxx


  1. Hi there Tracey, your red bag is lovely, I didn't know Lidl sold yarn, though I suppose they may just have it randomly in store rather than a permanent line. I only visit Lidl now and again as it is not on my way to anywhere lol. How wonderful that you found the owner of the homing pigeon, clever you. I am sure she's enjoying her temporary home before she get's back to her owner.
    I have been busy knitting some little cotton V neck tank tops for the children. I have now started a new crochet project for my daughter. It is lovely yarn in like a burnt orange colour that my daughter chose herself. She also chose the pattern, which for me will be quite a challenge to do. It is mostly charted and the written parts are in French, so I am trying to translate it enough to follow it.
    Have a good week xx Crochet With Linda Dawn

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting :-) Yes, Lidl sell yarn occasionally. I think this one probably was on sale in the new year.
    Those little tops of yours are very sweet, I'm sure the children will love them. You are brave to tackle a French pattern...perhaps your French it's better than mine...growing up in NZ there's not much call for that language. I do love the pattern and the colour your daughter has chosen.
    Tracey xxx

    1. Thanks Tracey, I don't know why but I don't get an email from some blogs to show there's a reply??? Strange.
      My French is not good but there are schematics and measurements and I did manage to find the translation for some of the basic abbreviations used. The lacey bits are charted, so that should be okay.

    2. Hmm...yes that is strange; I'm not sure that I always get email notifications either. Must be something to do with individual set ups.
      I shall look forward to your ta-dah moment when you are ready :-)

    3. There's a notify me option on the comment box, I'm going to see if this works, so this is a test haha

      I look forward to your test reply ... maybe in an email?

    4. I think that clicking the notify box means that you will receive an email each time someone new comments. Did you not get an email notification previously from my blog then?

    5. I did not get an email before but I have now that I have subscribed, yes I guess I get an email also when others comment on this post too, I will use this method until I figure something better out. Thanks for letting me test :-)


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