Sunday, 1 June 2014

Liebster Award part 2

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to the next installment of the Liebster Award.

Here I nominate 11 blogs for the Liebster Award and ask them 11 questions...

I nominate the following for the Liebster Award

( I decided upon these lovely blogs because....
1. They have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin
2. I follow them all :-)
3. I couldn't find any reference to Liebster on their blog)

So, without any further ado....
Trumpety trumpty trump....

Penny at

Amanda at

Sally at

Jane at

Jane at The Flower house at

Heather at

Meredith at

Mille at

 Peggy at

Shari at

And at

Can you spot the bit where I have cheated?  You would find it hard to resist both of Shari's blogs too! Please Shari, just choose one of your blogs, I don't want to stress you out...

And for my 11 questions I'm asking the nominees...

1. What was your main reason for starting a blog?

2. What is your favorite colour combination?

3. Do you have a favorite herb that you couldn't be without growing in your garden or on your windowsill?

4. What tool could you not do without?

5. Would you rather go out or stay home in the evening.

6. What would your perfect all day outing be?

7. Name 3 wild flowers you would be happy to see growing in your garden.

8. What was the last magazine you bought.

9. Do you have a favourite film?

10. What is your favourite food?

11. What will your next project be?

Nominees, if you wish to accept this award please post the following...

11 random facts about yourself,
Answer the 11 questions above,
Nominate 11 blogs to receive the Liebster Award
Give the nominees 11 questions to answer.

Enjoy viewing all the nominated blogs :-)

Ttfn xxxxxxxxx


  1. I enjoyed reading your 1st part and found it very interesting and look forward to going to some of those links. The Liebster Award is a lot of work well done.

    1. Hi Zana, thank you :-) Yes it was a lot of work but I'm so glad I did it. I got a bit stressed with the second part and ended up publishing it late at night...not a good move as that created more stress the following day!
      Thanks so much for your comment,
      Tracey xxx


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