Saturday, 5 August 2017

I'm currently reframing my art practice.

As I see it, before my diagnosis I was trying to be the person everyone else wanted me to be so if I wasn't being my true self then it appears that my theoretical framework and indeed my art were also an effort to please.

So here I am now, five years post diagnosis, enjoying textiles and the odd bit of drawing wondering how to develop it further. The old rusty framework is still there but a new set of values and influences need to be darned in. As I can't get out much most of my viewing of others work comes via books, the internet, and handling old textiles that I've collected. It's the theoretical stuff I'm getting into at the moment.

I hadn't thought much about the difficulties I was having until a friend said to me that I was experiencing disablement. I found a gem of a book, 'Why are you pretending to be normal' by Phil Friend and Dave Rees that is about the language we use. This is not an academic book, it's not meant to be. It is a widely accessible for most readers. I'm in the process of taking what it suggests on board. In the meantime I've started to ponder how much the sensory impairments I have impact on my art/craft practice. I'm dipping into texts on phenomenology, postmodernism, poststructualism, feminism and disability theory...and it's making sense!

It's important to me to understand why I do what I do so these new developments are exciting.

Bye for now :)


  1. Think I will have to seek out those books as I am on a steep learning curve of autism and asperger, as my darling little grandson has been diagnosed aged seven.

    Julie xxx

  2. Hi Julie, the pretending to be normal book will be helpful at the moment to you but not the other one. I suggest you look at Jessica Kingsley Publishers online. They print many very helpful books on autism and related conditions. They were recommended to me when I was first diagnosed and have been extremely helpful. Xx

    1. Thank you so much for the advice.

      Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. You're welcome. Currently having problems with blogger, lots of things have disappeared. Hopefully all will be restored shortly! Xx

  4. I'm quitting blogger and moving yarn and pencil over to
    I hope you follow me over there xxxxxx

  5. I'm glad you told us! see you there...


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