Monday, 24 March 2014

The gift... Ta dah!

Hi there!
I know there is more rain coming but right now I am just revelling in the sunshine.
I've had a walk around the garden picking daffodils for my neighbour.
I can hear you saying... 'Hurry up and get on with the ta dah!'

But first I really must thank all the lovely people who post comments and send me emails, I really appreciate every single one and they really make my day. Thank you! It's lovely to be making new friends :-)

Now for the ta dah... Actually, I'm a bit nerwous about it...but here goes...

Ta dah...!

It was rather windy

...and waiting patiently for the birthday girl to arrive...

My friend loves it so much but in the excitement of present giving I forgot to take a photo of the shawly scarfy delight on her person... actually, I think she would rather I forgot that!
I used this pattern by Kirsten Finlay, but not strictly. I would advise winding the yarn twice around the needle when making the first 'yarn forward' increase at the beginning of each increase row otherwise the sides are too tight and very difficult to block. I found  making that stitch loose was not enough and had to undo the work and start again.
I used this yarn in the colour way named Tamaya which I purchased from my
I previously made this pattern in Stylecraft Senses yarn in the Eucalyptus colour way and to be honest I preferred using that yarn for this pattern.
What other crafty things have I been up too...?  Well, my ripple blanket/throw is growing slowly but I am really enjoying it.

I've made several more dishcloths which I am going to sell to raise money for our village church - you can see a glimpse of the church in the background of the top photo.  I'm just selling them locally for now.  Actually, I gave my friend a dishcloth too but she said it was too nice and would use it as a cloth under a plant pot!  I had made a round one and edged it in pink :)

There's a couple of other things I'm trying to make for fundraising but I've not quite there yet.

I am very relieved to have finished the shawly scarfy thing as I missed being able to crochet.  I have been knitting since I was about 4 years old so that's nearly 50 years.  I have loved knitting but at the moment I LOVE CROCHET MORE!  Sorry for shouting but it was an excited shout, an almost 'I can't believe it' shout.
I think I may show you a couple of my knitty makes from the past in my next post... a shawl and a batwing jumper.  Of course there are many, many other knitty makes I've made but methinks you will like to see these two particular garments.

And what is my constant companion doing... need we ask!?

...and here is a peek off one of our window sills...

Well, it's been lovely chatting with you over our cups of tea, [mine is an Earl Grey], but the Rayburn is getting hungry so I must go feed her.
Bye for now my lovelies, have a fabulous week,
<3 Tracey xx


  1. Oh what a beautiful shawl Tracey. I adore the colour too. I bet your friend completely loves it! The dishcloths are beautiful too. I am making a few at the moment also. Hopefully my kitchen will be finished soon so I can use them. They are quite addictive to make!

    Enjoy the sunshine, it makes such a difference doesn't it!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxx

    1. Thanks Vanessa. Dish cloths are addictive, I agree. I'm so pleased for you that your kitchen is nearly finished
      Tracey xx

  2. Wow your shawl looks beautiful in the spring sunshine. I hope the rain stays off. Your dish cloths are lovely! x

  3. Beautiful shawly scarfy thing Tracey :) I am sure the birthday girl was over the moon with her gift. I loved reading your post today, thank you for sharing your creativity! xxxx

  4. What a stunning gift! I love the yarn, the pattern is beautiful, quite ethereal, I bet she feels very lovely indeed with it wrapped around her! And crochet ripples always make me smile...Chrissie x

  5. Hi Chrissie, thank you. Tracey xx


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