Sunday, 23 November 2014

Dunster Castle gardens - the low walk

Hi there :-)

After several hours of writing reports (Lovely Husband) and me hooking a  Christmas pressie... I'm impressed by my whizziness!... we decided we needed some fresh air.

We decided on Dunster Castle as the lower garden walk it's suitable for our wee invalid.
I took my tablet as I knew I was more likely to publish a post with photos taken on that rather than with my camera as that would take several hours longer and takes all the fun out blogging.

The first few were taken before I realised that it was switched to incandescent lighting...the colours are washed out...

Even using my tablet it has taken more than half an hour 

to upload the first 11 photos!

Nature Play area...

The River Avill  

I then switched over to daylight! It was about 3pm...

Looking towards Dunster water mill from beside 
Lover's Bridge (above) and Lover's Bridge below. It has a stone seat set into the wall half way across

The overshot working water mill...

You can find out more about this wonderful National Trust site by looking here

I'll show you around a bit more some other time as this was about as much as Bertie can handle at the moment.

And now for something completely different... here is my granddaughter wearing her 
Olaf hat I had just made her back at the beginning of October

The lovely pattern is by Olivia from her wonderful blog 
Hopeful Honey
You can find it here :-)

Thank you 

to all of you who have sent me lovely messages,
I have found them very helpful.
It's so good to be back...I've missed you all

Ttfn xxx xxx


  1. We love walking in Dunster too!
    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Yes we love it all year round. Thanks Julie, have a great week :-)

  2. What a beautiful area, that walk looks lovely and relaxing. The hat you made for your grand daughter is absolutely beautiful, I am mega impressed! X

  3. What a lovely day out Tracey, Olivia looks smashing in her Olaf hat x

    1. Thanks Linda, yes it was :-) Olivia is the pattern designer :-)
      Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  4. What a beautiful post!! I love Dunster, it is a beautiful place isn't it. Your Olaf hat is wonderful!!! xx

    1. Hi Amy, thanks :-) We feel very blessed living in this part of the country. Have a great week xx

  5. Your granddaughter looks so cute in her hat Tracey, what a beautiful place. :) x

    1. Thanks Linda :-) It's a great place to take the children when they come to visit. Have a great week xx

  6. Hi Tracey, just popped by to see what you are up to. Hope you are okay. X

  7. Hi Tracey, I have nominated your blog for a "Harmony & Peace" award for "bringing harmony & peace, love & beauty & positivity to the world". You wanted your blog to be a happy place on the internet and every time I visit there is always something to discover that makes me feel happy. More information about this award is on my blog:
    I do hope you will accept. Have a peaceful, happy and healthy Christmas. Cheers, Jodie xxx

  8. It looks like a lovely walk, and I'm so glad you're back!! <3 ~Angela~

  9. Hi Tracey,
    I haven't seen you in the blogosphere for a while so am checking in to see how you are...wondering about you and hoping you are okay.
    Best wishes,


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