Friday, 21 November 2014

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for the age it's been since I last posted
This is just too
 let you know I am ok and I'll be back soon.

Thank you all so much for your messages, emails and card.
There's many different reasons why I've been absent so I think I'll start afresh :-)

Also because I find it very difficult to keep up with everyone's blogs I've decided to either leave a heart or a smile in your comments. Because of my ASD I find it takes me ages to formulate comments as I have to check and recheck that any thing I say is not misconstrued.

Bertie ruptured his cruciate ligament and had to have a knee replacement
He is doing ok but has taken to limping more again this last week.
I'll see if Lovely Husband notices an improvement when he returns home tonight otherwise we'll be back to the vets tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a photo of my poor boy after his op two months ago...

See you soon :-)


  1. Lovely to see you back
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Big hugs to you Tracey. Please don't worry about leaving comments etc, it's just lovely to see you back in the Blogsphere. Hope your poor wee doggy gets better soon. X

  3. Hi there Tracey I was wondering where you had got to lol. Sometimes we do struggle to keep up with our favourite blogs, I will admit, hand on heart, that I will visit blogs about once a week, regardless of how many blog posts are up for that week per blog. This means I may not read every post from the more active bloggers. I don't have the time to blog more than once a week myself and I often blog less than that if I am particularly busy.
    Nice to know you're okay, have a great weekend x

  4. Thanks for the update, Tracey. Take care of yourself and we'll see you when we see you! You are the boss of your blog, not vice versa so it happens when it happens. Best wishes always xx

  5. Hi Tracy glad to hear that you're ok and I hope that poor Bertie gets well soon. Blog when you feel like it and don't worry about leaving comments we are all busy people and know it's not always possible, blogging is supposed to be fun after all. Hope you're having a good weekend. :) xx

  6. Wondered if you were OK. Hearts and smiles are fab, do what feels right. Jo x

  7. Lovely to see you and hear from you! Take care. xx

  8. Oh poor doggy! Lots of love and healing to him, hope it's getting there now. x


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