Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring colour

 Spring is springing, yippee!
Happy St. David's day.

Yesterday I said I would post a picture of my two crochet cushions... and I have... but there at the end of this post.  Is that being sneaky...making you look at all the flowers and foliage first...?
I've been out in my garden absorbing the sunshine and the delights of new growth.

The damson about to blossom


Forget-me-nots appearing

Leaves unfurling

Snow drops drooping prettily

A barrel of narcissus

Divine scented Daphne

Rhubarb erupting

Lungwort flowering under the Daphne and greeny fronds of grape hyacinths

...and Ta Dah

My two crochet cushions.
The one on the left is from a Cath Kidston kit I bought half price in Windsor, and the cushion on the right I made afterwards with yarn from my stash. The four centre grannies were a tad smaller than the outer squares so I hooked a row of double crochet all around  for a tidier sewn together look.
They are both acrylic.
The red cushion on the right I knitted several months ago and I used Wendy Mode DK doubled, from my local yarn store.
What I think must have been a stash buster, the stripey blanket, was a charity shop purchase.  I love finds like that!  It's getting a bit holey though...hmm...I can see a good excuse to create some bright hooky patches.
Thanks for joining me.
Have a lovely weekend. Bye xx


  1. Beautiful blooms Tracey - spring has sprung in your garden, and your cushions are just fab! I love how you overcame the wee problem of the four centre ones being smaller - looks very effective and pretty; they're all very pretty, and your blanket find was a great one wasn't it! Joy x

  2. It it's so lovely to find your messages waiting here for me this morning
    :-) after such a wet winter here in Somerset it it's such a joy to delight in the new spring growth. Thanks for your remarks regarding my craftiness.... I'm hoping I get to pick up my hook today. Have a lovely week, Tracey xx

  3. Wonderful photos of your garden in bloom Tracey - the promise of Spring! I love your cushion covers too - they inspire me to try some of my own. You make such beautiful things. Lovely to read your blog xxx


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