Friday, 4 April 2014

Mand-a-long thus far.. and a visitor...

Hello dear readers,

Just a quick post today so that I can link up with all the lovely mand-a-long peeps over at Lazy Daisy Jones and Chrissie Crafts. Come on over and take a peek :-)

I'm currently working on my fourth mandala. I was so pleased with my third one that I am making another and writing the pattern to go with it.  If you had told me before I started that I would begin to make them up as I went along I doubt I would have believed you!

The upper two are blocked and the lower left waiting patiently whereas the wee one is still growing...

I've also signed up for Daisy's sew-a-long (see the button at the top of this page for link)
...oh dear, a spanner has well and truly been thrown into the works to mess with my merry makes. There is a damp patch on the wall in the studio (due to the rain we've had) so I left the door open the other day to help it dry you do..... It wasn't until the next day when we found large patches of wee that we realised we had a visitor. At first I thought it must be a cat and that it had sneaked back out when Lovely Husband opened the studio up and had gone off to fetch something. We were fooled. Oh dearie me.... I went back in yesterday and they was another puddle and we realised it hasn't been a naughty feline visitor but one of a rodent nature. It's now behind the plumbing pipes in the wall. We think it must be a rat of large size due to the big puddles it leaves behind.  So dear readers my beautiful studio is currently a mess as we have boarded up access to shelves, piled stuff on the tables, brought loads of precious stash, drawings etc over to the cottage until Mr or Mrs rodent is there no more... I have tried leaving the door open for it to escape but methinks it likes it's new home.

I shall let you know when I've moved back in....

Cheery bye
Tracey xxxx


  1. Eeeek! That simply will not do! The big fella must pack his bags and depart pronto - you have creative thoughts to sort out! And I'd love to have your mandala pattern - I love the ones in the photo...oh dear, good luck with that, really, Chrissie x

  2. My sentiments exactly Chrissie.
    Ooh that has cheered me.... I shall let you know when the pattern is ready for road testing! I've not written a pattern before but people do say that I write very good travel! Ah... I needed to laugh!
    Thanks Chrissie, bye for now,
    Tracey xx

  3. Your Mandala's are lovely!, I do hope your unwelcome visitor makes his exit as speedily as possible. :)

  4. Thanks Linda :-)
    Oh so do I! We've now bought a special cage.... here's hoping....
    Love Tracey xx

  5. Hello Tracey, thanks so much for your lovely comments on my mandala post. Your mandalas are fab... addictive aren't they!! I love the colours in the new one you are making, looking forward to seeing the finished article.
    Amanda x

  6. Hi Amanda, you're very welcome :-) Oh yes they are very addictive, there is something very joyful about making and gazing at them; I'm so glad I chose to brave and join the Mand-a-long. Aww...thank you for your lovely comments. I haven't managed to do anymore mandala making because we are trying to sort the studio out now the rabbit has gone.
    I've only just seen your latest post... not quite sure how I missed it...? I clicked on the bloglovin button to make sure I am following you... and I am. Anyway, I'm going back there now to comment :-)
    Tracey xx


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