Friday, 25 April 2014

Rag or treasure

Hello lovely followers and visitors,

After reading Jacquie's blog (Bunny Mummy) the other day about the making of her patchwork peg bag - and the brilliant tutorial (that can be found here) -
I felt inspired to rummage through
my own stashed fabric remnants - its large because I keep very small pieces. 
Delving into it is like jumping into history.

Now you may have noticed if you know me well that i keep talking about yellow...
Sunshiney, buttery yellow...

I was immediately drawn to little fragments of yellow, excitedly pulling them out and piling them atop my ironing board

As I'm all fired up from the Sew-a-long perhaps I could make a patchwork skirt...

...and then I searched the larger folded remnants in my cupboard

...and rediscovered this drawstring bag.

My darling Mum made this for me when I started school.
Perhaps it was for hanging plimsolls (similar to sneakers) or similar on my peg.

I LOVE this fabric and have done so since I was five.

Well this bag has sure seen some use and it's been around the world twice!
In New Zealand mum was very involved in 
Guiding - Brown Owl, Captain, District Commissioner....
- for about 21 years.

During this time mum used the bag countless times for Pack Holidays, Guide camps, leader's camps and trainings... you get the idea.

See, it's got my name beautifully embroidered in chain stitch and also mum's camp name in marker pen (latter not in this pic).

I started unpicking...

with my trusty 'quick unpick'.

I was a little excited... the bag is rather robust, it would have to be, it's 50 years old!
The cotton fabric is thick...I dared to hope it is double layered.

Let's see...

Oh, oh, oh lookie see... it is!

Mum gave me the bag after she left Guiding as I couldn't bear for it to be thrown out.
I know, I know, I'm very sentimental - you don't need to tell me :-)

The fabric is very worn in places - not surprising really!
The sewing thread is cotton and it's thick...

The top thread is the older one and the lower is hand quilting thread.

 Uh-oh, my name is sewn through both layers... decisions, decisions... 
I'm favouring keeping that bit intact.

Ok, so now it's completely unpicked (apart from the embroidery) and it's one large piece of fabric.

Dearest Mum, you made a wonderful job of making this into a bag for me all those years ago :-)

I cannot bring myself to use this 'precious to me' fabric in a patchwork skirt needs to revel in its own loveliness...
Perhaps it shall become a small cushion cover for our bedroom where it's less likely to fade quickly.
I shall take my time and dwell upon it for a while, but not another 50 years.

so some people will think of this as a rag 
and me as crazy...
...too bad!..
I'm delighted that I can make use of this preciously sentimental, sunshiney treasure.

What do you think...
rag or treasure?

Ttfn xx


  1. Definitely treasure :-) As you said it's too precious to be used in a skirt, cushion is a lovely idea. Loving your blog :-)

    1. Ah...Thanks Mandy. Have a lovely and restful weekend
      Tracey xx

  2. Hi Tracey, this bag made by your mum all those years ago has a history that is dear to you, so it is definitely treasure! What a lovely idea to transform it into a cushion cover so you can enjoy it for a few more years.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for commenting :-) I am rather liking the cushion idea too but I'll live with this idea for awhile before I cut into it...Perhaps do some research into cushion memento's.
      I hope you have had a great weekend.
      Tracey xx

  3. Hi Tracey, the fabrics lovely, I think I would make a little pillow, maybe patchwork for the head of my bed and look at it everyday. How lovely your Mum found something to involve herself in heart and soul for so long. Have a good day, Heather x

    1. p.s. following on bloglovin. Also wondering where you are SW. I wonder if you are nearby!

    2. Hi Heather, thanks so much for commenting and following me :-) I have just sent an email to you.
      Tracey xx


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